Our mission

With energy, infrastructure, education and other projects ever needed on the African continent in general and the electricity, infrastructure, agriculture and health markets in particular, attention has to be drawn on key sustainable project development. The demand for this has doubled in speed as the population grows exponentially. Both governments and local private entities have found it increasingly difficult to cover this demand due to a lack of sufficient funding and a shortage of technology resources for their projects.

On the government side, the creation of PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) is seen as one of the solutions, while the local private entities expect to see hands on impact investors moving into the market. Konect Group Ltd with its expertise of emerging markets, wants to help with this process, positioning itself as the facilitator to overcome the challenges faced by both domestic project owners and international investors.

Konect Group was created to provide both African project owners and international companies with an opportunity not only to discuss unlocking technology resources and solutions, but to take action and implement projects to improve the lives of communities across the continent.

We place social and economic development at the heart of industrial solutions, helping to generate more stable and more viable investment options for organisations in Africa.

Our team

Bringing Business Partners Together for Africa's Future